What are YOU craving for?

Geri and I went to Orlando with our hubbys for a mini vacay this past weekend, Oh how I needed that! On our last day, of course we couldn’t pass by one of our favorite trendy store and not pick up a few new items. The H&M store in the Florida Mall, Orlando is AH-MAZING!! It’s adjacent to Forever21 and Zara, our favorite trio (for our husbands it’s more like a triple threat)! We actually only ended up visiting H&M and Forever21 because we didn’t time ourselves right and ran out of time. The stores were good, filled with pretty, fun color clashing and daring patterns but we happened to get a little overwhelmed and a bit torn, having to decide between Fall clothes or continue to stretch out our summer wardrobe. It wasn’t an easy decision. Did I want to go for the reds, burgundy’s and wine tone leggings, or the metallic pants/ leggins, corduroy skinnies, orange-coral sweaters, or with a fun skirt and neon color tops. Was I craving the fall items because it’s something different in my closet ? However, not very wearable now for summer or just because was I really digging this new daring patterns and style?!  Here in Miami we really don’t feel the full effect of fall/winter until maybe beginning of December and for just a few days it may get in the 40s. Some years, Thanksgiving is a chilly night but for the most part it’s a hot. Geri- my favorite shopping partner was constantly telling me to please put down some sweaters.

 So here is what I finally ended up with

{Forever21: Black blazer, and both necklaces. H&M: Silver blazer, black skirt, metallic sweater, beige basic tank top, and back long sleeve shirt. Charlotte Russe: Headbands}

F.Y.F.W. (For your fall wardrobe)

a must have is all-over leather pieces or accents that add a sophisticated edge to your look!
What are YOU craving for?

Love, Amanda!

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