Burgundy & Metallics Indeed!!!!

Sooooooo one of the most hottest trends coming up right now is the color burgundy, which has never been a favorite color of mine. I don’t know if it’s because of my ombré hair or the smell of fall, but now I’m totally digging it!!! Another UH-MAZING up and coming (fast) trend is metallic, which I’ve always been a fan of. Everything always looks better when it shines! Ha! Back in March, Kate Spade had a sample sale which of course I couldn’t pass up. I purchased a beautiful metallic gold cross body for, get this, 50% off!!! It was a total steel. The point is that at that time metallics were not in but I knew that for fall and winter this piece was going to be a winner. Don’t be afraid to take risks with things that will be in style perhaps in the next few seasons. So go ahead and purchase a metallic shirt, pants, purse, etc. because they will ALL be in! Check out some of my latest purchases on this trend below 😉



{Kate Spade handbag} 
{Metallic gold pants: H&M, Metallic blue shirt: Marshals, Burgendy shirt and print pants: H&M}

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