Fall in love with your make-up this season!

Today is officially the first day of Fall! Yay! So what I’m most excited about this season is not just all the festivities, family time, the yummy food, the glorious smell of candles, and the cold weather. What I’m most excited about is the way we dress, the deep tones of fall and mostly the make- up. During summer, I tent to lay low on the make-up keeping it au-natural and to a minimal. The 90 degrees heat can make your face go from dazzling to calamity in matter of seconds, from the moment you leave your house till you get in your car. The worrying about smearing and sweating just drives me crazy. Plus, I believe summer we should always embrace the natural look, loose hair and keep it easy maintenance. However, fall to me is all about the gorgeous hair and dazzling make-up. You can really get creative and make your face look very sophisticated and really play up with colors. Below I created my first fall make-up look.


Below are the items I used to create this look;

Do you like it?
Love, Amanda!

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