Fall{in} by Pieces

At this time, in Miami it’s still pretty hot and humid so bringing out my entire Fall wardrobe is not a smart choice. If you are like me and my impulsive self, you probably cannot wait to embrace the cold weather with your fall wardrobe either. So here are a few effortless tips to help compliment and transition into fall by adding a few fall pieces to your current wardrobe. These are some tips I keep in mind when getting dressed and making my outfits look effortless but still dainty.  

{Cool Casual with an Effortless Twist}

· Wear {loafer or closed toe flats} instead of sandals

· Add a {scarf}

· Add a {denim jacket} for a laid back look

{Sweet & Edgy} 
· Wear a {cardigan or a boyfriend sweater} with your favorite dress

· Wear {riding/equestrian boots or combat boots} with your floral skirt or shorts for a total cool and edgy combo

· Add a {utility vest} with your colored jeans 

 {Tough & Chic}

     · Wear a {leather jacket} with your girly dress for a cool combo
     · Wear darker tones {faux leather leggings} with your neutral tops
     · Wear {booties} instead of equestrian boots


{Cozy & Cute}
· Add a {faux fur vest} to your cute outfit for that edgy sweet combo
· Add a {Chunky sweater} with your boyfriend jeans for a modern edge
· Add an {easy slouchy sweater} to any outfit


F.Y.F.W- For Your Fall Wardrobe
{all items underlined above will be in full effect this winter}
Love, Amanda!

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