{FTF} Fancy Tip Friday

{Shopping  101}
Don’t buy more than one of the same trendy item. Eventually, it will go out of style and you will end up with a wardrobe full of undesirables. 


{Blotting Paper}

 If you ever find yourself in MAJOR need of blotting oil-control paper and you don’t have any, just reach for the disposable toilet seat covers. Try it, it works!!  


 {Plump up those lips}

If you ever want to naturally enhance your lips, dust very lightly a small amount of bronzer right under your bottom lip.

{Rules on white}

Wear white after Labor Day! Who invented that rule anyway? Layer your whites with chunky knits, sweaters, and blazers. Also, add tights under your favorite white dresses for a more fall/winter look! Break the rules, dare to be different.


{DO statement collars}

Bedazzled collars continue to thrive through the seasons. We love it because it makes any outfit look polished! To save you money, find a detachable collar on sites like Etsy or even DIY one!

Hope you enjoyed these tips and happy Friday!!

 The Fancy Affair gals!

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