{Work those outfits}

When it comes to office fashion, we mean business!
Someone once told me, dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. However, dressing for the occasion is CRITICAL PEOPLE. It can definitely make you or brake you. So, let’s square some things out.
The Fancy Affair team firmly believes every lady should have a section in her closet for work attire only. You can mix & match cardigans and blouses to add an unexpected edge but keep separate sections. There should be a difference in your going out black dress or skirt, with your work black dress and skirt. So, when getting dressed for work PLEASE use your fashion common sense and don’t let your work attire describe the person you’re NOT! You can still be fashionable and dressed to impress but also appropriate.

Dressed for the correct occasion will only exude confidence.

#1. Cleavage– Do not show cleavage at work, especially if you work in an environment that you are surrounded mostly by men. This will convey desperation and that is not pretty
#2. Bra peek-a-boo– Please wear a camy under your button down shirts and blouses. So, when someone looks from the side they don’t see your bra peeking through the middle of the buttons
#3. Show off your legs and not your bottoms- whether you are wearing a dress or a skirt, make sure it’s not too short. When buying that perfect LBD for work, try sitting down in the fitting room to make sure it’s not too short.
On that note, enjoy your work week, have fun and “work those outfits”!!

Love, Amanda!

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