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The Peter Pan collars are such a hit this season, I see it in stores such as:  Zara, H&M, Forever21, TJ Maxx and the list goes on… They are everywhere on dresses, shirts and, sweaters. Some are plain, others are embellished, studded, and lace. I love it because it takes an outfit back to a very preppy and sweet place {it also reminds me of Madeline}. But what I love the most are the Peter Pan collar necklaces because you can add and remove it whenever,depending on your mood and the look you are trying to achive. However, I hate the prices they are going for, so I created my own. This Peter Pan collar necklace can be paired with a fitted dress, plain tank top, plain shirt, sweaters or any top that has some-what of a crew neck.  It was so easy to do and very therapeutic. You only need a few items and A LOT of time and patience {You’ve been warned}.

Tools: Felt / Tacky Glue / Embellishments {I used pearls} / Ribbon / Scissors / Permanent Marker
{These items can be picked up at your local craft store}
{Fold felt in half, trace your peter pan shape, and cut both sides together at the same time so you end up with the same shape and size on both ends}
 {Start gluing the boarders first so you don’t see the felt around the neck}
 {Once you have the boarders done, then glue away}
Leave it to dry over night , then flip it over to glue the ribbons on the back. Leave it to dry again overnight.
Here’s what the finished product should look like:


{Madeline- from the Ludwig Bemelmans book series }

Have fun creating your own Peter Pan Collar necklaces and don’t forget to share with us your creations on here, through Facebook, twitter or Instagram.
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