{F.T.F.- Fancy Tip Friday}


{DO dainty arm parties}

Crazy and over the top arm parties are NOT so in… Rather more of a dainty and delicate parties are. Grab 2 or 3 Uh-amazing bold bracelets that you would like to display stack them up with your watch and you are good to go!
  {Clean Your Brushes}
1. Get brush wet under warm water
2. Massage a pea sized amount of baby shampoo into the brush, do this for a good minute to make sure you got all of the buildup
3. Rinse under warm water; make sure there is no soap suds left
4. Let dry overnight
{So two-thousand and late}
Stay warm, look great and mix- match your scarfs with your hats

{Shipping no more!}
Great way to shop online for X-mas gifts and saving on shipping and returns
{Waving while sleeping}
For this great, easy and low maintenance look just let the hair air dry for 20 minutes.Then, go to sleep with your hair in a low bun.

The fancy Affair Gals!

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