{FTF- Fancy Tip Friday}

{Varsity Jacket- very IN this season}
Keep this look very simple and pair it with feminine items to make this a perfect look.
{Make It Your Own}
Always add your own personal touch to every outfit. Add a favorite or sentimental bracelet to your arm party, or a favorite necklace to create a unique look. Make every outfit personalized like signing off a letter.

{Fuller Eyebrows? YES, PLEASE!}
Use eyelash primer on your eyebrows to thicken the individual hairs then, brush on brow powder or a lighter tone eyeshadow to create a perfect full eyebrow.
{White with darks}
If you are as much of a rule breaker as the Fancy Affair gals are and want to wear white for Fall, avoid pairing whites with brights- that looks too summery.

{Unflattering Shape}

Consider your proportion while layering for warmth this season and create a balanced look. If you are a pear shape gal, make sure to layer up more on top. If you are top heavy then create layers that emphasize your hips.


The fancy Affair Gals!

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A Fancy Affair

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