{Hello November}

We can’t believe November is already here!  Wow, this year has gone by so fast and the holidays are fast approaching. Here are some things the Fancy Affair Gals have on our November To-Do List. We really want to enjoy this month and we hope to encourage you to do some fun things too!

©       Have lots of BBQ’s  to enjoy this amazing weather with friends
©       Do a fondue dinner at home
©       Light up an outside fire pit and have some Smore’s
©       Go for nice walks through the Gables or Old Cutler
©        Ride bikes on a Sunday afternoon
©       Have a holiday photo-shoot for holiday cards
©       Bake a pie or try a new Fall recipe
©       Get a haircut or change the color of your hair for a fresh look during the holidays
©       Definitely, watch what you eat for the next few weeks so you can really enjoy all the holiday parties, lunches and dinners without feeling too guilty
©      Embrace the season by adding some new home décor to bring in some of the fall tones inside your home©sweet©home
©       Make your Christmas gift list so you can start to plan your holiday shopping
©       Pick up a dark tone lipstick (if you haven’t already)

Let us know what’s on your To-Do List?

The fancy Affair Gals!

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