{Fancy Tip Friday}

   {Shape Up, Shape Well}
When wearing a coat, make sure it flatters your shape. Cinch it on your waist for additional emphasis on the skinniest part of your body.
{Too Hot for Pants}
Then dress up your shorts. Transform a casual item into a perfectly dressed up look. For a little more coverage, add a pair of textured stockings.
{Live It Up & Wave It Up}
For that extra oomph to your look add a few waves to your hair.
{Finishing Touch}
Do you already have your sequins, textured, colored or fun print dress to wear to your NYE party? Always go safe and keep it simple on the footwear. Neutral hue pumps like nudes and blacks are timeless pieces and a great way to complete any look.
{Out with the Old and In with the New}
Get a new look for the New Year by getting a fresh hair cut or hair color. Start the New Year with a fresh start- literally!
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