{Gift Guide:Guys}

I love love to buy gifts for my honey boo boo, but I know this could be hard at times. Therefore, I put together some of my favorite things that I’ve bought and “would like” to buy for my hubby!  Go with a clear mind and vision of what you want to get for him. If not,  you will be wondering around the mall for hours.

       1.    Nordstrom: Boss Black Cuff Links $85

       2.       Nordstrom:  Sperry’s Top Sider $89.95

3.       Nordstrom:  Casio G-schock Watch $89

4.       Best Buy: Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones $99

5.       Nordstrom: Cheese Knives $44

6.       Zumiez: Huf Camo Hat $39.99

7.       Etsy:Harmonica Necklace $22

8.       Urban Outfitters: Varsity Jacket $89

9.       Zumiez:Sector 9 Longboard $199

10.   Publix:Wine Bottle $12



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