{I MUSTACHE you a question? OR NOT}

As you grow older and go through different life changing experiences, you start to realize what truly matters in life and what doesn’t, at least for me. So my life slogan for now is to be thankful for my right now, and to live in the moment. To make my right now the perfect moment, not to wait for that perfect moment because that perfect moment rarely comes. The most important thing for me now is to spend quality time with my family, friends and loved ones. To surround myself with positive people that will bring me up and not dwell on the negativity and just have fun. So with that said…  this past weekend my husband Michael turned 30 years young and birthdays at our house are usually celebrated one week long and it’s always a big deal! We love to make each other feel special and spoil each other every day but especially on this date.  The usual celebration consists of a birthday dinner at a restaurant surrounded by all of our family and friends but this year I decided to throw him a surprise mustache bash party at our house.  Michael loves Halloween and the idea of dressing up but I knew it would be a bit hard to get everyone to dress up so instead I was inspired by Pinterest and a mustache theme party. Here’s how it all turned out…


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A Fancy Affair

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