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Last week, I completed my BA in Dance, from Nova Southeastern University. I took longer than expected, but it was well worth the wait. Especially, since I decide to chase my dreams. I originally was studying psychology, but half way through, I decided to pursuit a career and get a degree in something that I’ve ALWAYS had a passion for which is- DANCE. That meant, I needed to start from the beginning, plus go to a school that was an hour away from my home. It was a tough choice to make, but it was definitely the right one. I enjoyed every year I was there, I enjoyed the teachers, what I learned and, the training I got as dancer and student.
I decided to throw a GRADUATION party this past weekend to celebrate the years of hard labor! However, when I do something I try to go beyond my expectations and do it right and beautiful. I found this UH-AMAZING theme (Keys To Success) on a blog called “Celebrations at home blog” Celebrations at Home
This is an Anthropology inspired graduation party, where the main theme is “Keys” to success for the graduate.  As guests walked in there was a table with a board that had vintage keys hanging from it, and each key had a tag with a specific key of success that got me to graduating.  (Created this board from scratch) the guests also were able to write notes of success to the graduate.

The dinner table had a variety of décor:  Mason Jars, bird cages, pine cones, candles, lanterns and keys. I recreated these place mats on photoshop and put “OMG Geri Graduated”, and then printed them on white 11×17 papers.

The sweets table was a combination of a pretty console table with the back drop of a pottery barn bed. Yes you heard right, the headboard of a bed. To create a more softer and vintage look. The sweets were made by my sister-in-law (Sweets by Flo) and they were just delicious (white chocolate keys, cupcakes, nutella pastries and an ombre ruffle cake)

Since social media (Instagram, twitter and FB) is so popular, I wanted to create a photo booth which gave people something to do. It was a total hit and people loved it! Amanda helped me create the props; we traced, cut and glued them to to the sticks! We also created the banner with the amazing Cricut machine.
Daze Photography took the pictures and captured some amazing shots! She’s simply amazing! Daze Photography

Enjoy the pics! I hope this inspires you to re-create ideas and put great parties together!



Geraldine <3

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