{Fancy Tip Friday}

{Metallic Accents Chic}
Let your shoes shine… Gold accents are now being displayed on shoes too and it looks so chic.
{Half Moon Bangs}
Not sure if you ladies have noticed how the short bangs are back but I believe it will in full effect this spring. It’s such a fresh look and it looks good on many face shapes. It’s also not so short so in case you don’t like it, its easy to part it in the middle for minimal notice.
{Combat for Winter}
We have seen steady the combat boot trend paired with shorts all throughout last year. A way to ring this great trend into winter is pairing it with your boyfriend jeans, cute leggings and a boyfriend sweater. Adding a leg warmer or a high top socks, looks great!

{Animal Knits}
They started in fall, but will continue all the way to winter 2013. They are great for layering on a cold chilly night.Currently obsessed with the deer one, so corky

{Clear Please}
One up and coming trend this season- is the CLEAR/PLASTIC material. You will be seeing it in shoes, bags and accessories. Totally digging the eclectic 90’s look of it.

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