{Keeping up with your New Year resolutions…}

So, it’s a New Year which means New Year resolutions for many… My husband and I have been setting goals and New Year resolutions for many years now and the honest truth is that we accomplish many, but definitely not all.
We all live a very hectic and fast paced life so it’s hard to add all these new things and tasks to our daily lives. Here are a few things I have picked up during the past years that have helped me accomplish more and more of them, and I hope this can help you too!
II Be specific when listing your goals {Instead of writing-lose weight, write down the number of pounds you want to lose- easier to measure your achievement} II Print them out and have it visible {Placing it on your refrigerator, office, IPad, night stand or mirror for a quick daily reminder} II Check them often or quarterly {will help you see how far you’ve come} II Check them off as you complete them {Its motivating} II Find someone to help you be accountable {I use this for the goals that I really have a hard time keeping so they can remind me}

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