{Winter Wonderland}

Geri, myself and our husbands – {which have been best friends since the age of 12} love to hang out and travel together, but this past vacation didn’t happen that way. We all share the same interests which makes it a lot easier for traveling lol…. I jetted out to Keystone, Colorado {First time} for a week with my husband and his side of the family. Geri and Nick went to Georgia with a few of their friends {see pics of her amazing trip here}.
My husband and I had such a great time; we did so many adventurous things every single day we were there. If I could describe Colorado with just two words it’s -Winter Wonderland. Colorado is amazing, I would open the window every morning and stare at the mountains in awe. Everything was covered in white glittery snow. Needless to say, it was beautiful, and very hard to leave. However, I am very happy to be back home in Miami to this amazing HOT weather. I love the cold, but not for long! I will miss the beautiful slopes, mountains, white snowy view but not the -3 degree weather and my frozen hands and toes!

Here are some pictures of my trip for your enjoyment…
{Exploring our backyard}
{Snaps on our way to River Run}
{We took a horse drawn sleigh ride dinner, PS: it was -3 degrees brrrr…} {We also took a Gondola ride to dinner at the Deer Fondue Chessel. Up on top of the River Run mountains}
{Warming up before Ice Skating at the Keystone Lake}
{Up at the mountains, Snowboarding and Ice Skating}
{Snowmobiling, -5 degrees}


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