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With valentines soon approaching make sure to have all your ends covered.

Here are some great tips and outfit ideas on making this night an unforgettable one, despite what your plans are.
Planning on staying in to avoid all the restaurants chaos?
1. Have a nice homemade dinner date or order take-out. Set it up on nice china (be classy- no paper plates, please!)
2. Send your love a romantic Evite with your valentines plans.
3. Make sure to still get all primped (outfit ideas above). Even though dinner is at your place, it’s still not any ordinary night.
4. Have candles everywhere.
5. Make sure to have a flower arrangement on the table.
6. Have the house picked up and clean.
7. Set the mood with background romantic music and dimmed lights.
Going out, and painting the town red?
1. Make sure to have reservations made in advance. Restaurants are usually booked on this date and you don’t want to end up eating at Mc Donald’s.
2. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and try to look effortlessly and natural.
3. If you arrive to the restaurant early- have a drink at the bar so the wait time feels shorter.
Planning an all day event?
1.  Make sure to have your outfits pre-planned (outfit ideas above).
2.  Leave everything laid out in your bed, accessories and all to make getting ready faster.
Have fun, enjoy your valentines and be romantic! 

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