{Vintage Photoshoot}

A couple of months ago, my husband and I were invited by our dear friend Daisy Claudio from Daze Photography to do a Valentine’s promotional photo shoot. Working with Daisy is so amazing- not only is she a phenomenal photographer but a sweetheart. Daisy is extremely passionate about her work. Michael and I laughed more on this shoot than striked poses. Usually, Daisy meets with her clients prior to shooting day to go over the photoshoot as well as to get to know the clients in a more personal level, so the day of the shoot your pictures can have a more natural feel. Isn’t that awesome?!
Once Daisy gave me the specs of the shoot, my  mind went wild with the styling ideas not to mention Geri’s! This vintage feel is right up her alley. Many of the pieces Michael and I are wearing came right from Geris and Nicks closet! This shoot was so much fun and you can really see it through the pictures! Hope you enjoy them.
Check  Daze Photography ‘s fan page on Facebook to see more of her amazing work, to keep up with her latest shoots as well as promotions and specials.  Also, don’t forget to email her at Dazephotography@aol.com to book your shoot today.


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