{Fancy Tip Friday}


Silver- It’s the newest shade I’ve added to my makeup collection, and you should try it too. It’s metallic enough to add a daring dash of color to your eyes. This color pairs great with black, whites, cool tones and bright colors. I’m Obsessed and you will too!

{Lemon-ade anyone?}

This color is so easy on the eyes but still adds a nice pop of vibrant color. It gives that unexpected kick or punch to your outfit and makes you look confident and not afraid to play with colors.

{Best of 2 worlds}

The soft pastels and neon tones brighten up the most basic outfits. Great for spring and summer!
{Less is more}
Downsize for a day with more of a simple outtake in your outfits. Remember less is more, so work those outfits to feature one piece at a time.

{Highlight your heels}

Some heels have so much personality, highlight them on a night out. It doesn’t get more outfit making than that. These Jcrew flowery pumps are just too good to be true!
A Fancy Affair Gals!

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A Fancy Affair

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