{Fancy Tip Friday}

{Stud it Right!}
Spikes and studs are still trending, just remember to wear them in moderation: a few make an outfit edgy, a lot make it fatal!
{Master the Art}
Layer mismatched necklaces or layer a bunch of rings and make it work. This is such a cute trend and adds depth to your looks.

{Denim on Denim?}

Whoever said you can’t wear denim on denim didn’t see the beauty in it. It’s the easiest, and coolest casual outfit you can put together.

{NUDE Au-Natural}

Every girls make-up bag should have this great color. Nude- it’s essential and a great all year, every seasons color. It allows your natural beauty shine through every outfit, and every make up!!

{Collar on Line One}
If you haven’t tried this staple trend, than you are not behaving like a lady. We have seen Collars everywhere, on dresses, shirts, the runway, magazines, catalogs, even on movies, and we will continue to see it. So, don’t be afraid and try it out!
The Fancy Affair Gals!!

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A Fancy Affair

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