{Talk Show Recap}

A few weeks ago I recorded a TV program with my pastor (Mariam Delgado), her and her husband (Pastor Alberto Delgado) have a weekly TV show in several radio & TV stations that airs in  Central & South America as well as in the U.S. Most of their programs are inspirational to help you grow as a Christian with a positive message and great values. She also, does some programs geared to women only, and in this time around she invited me to be a guest on it. I went to give some fashion tips to the young women. There was also a trainer and nutritionist giving some health tips, which were absolutely amazing!!! However, I talked fashion. For example: How to dress for a job interview, church, school, & a night out. We also had some real life example and models who were able to show some of my tips.  It was an incredible experience, nerve wrecking but nevertheless incredible. I truly felt honored to have been picked by her and to be able to come and talk about fashion. Check out her blog, there you will be able to watch a piece of the show-  Fashion

{Shirt via: H&M, Blazer & Booties Via: Forever21, Pants via: Zara.}

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A Fancy Affair

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