{Fancy Tip Friday}

{Black Tie}

Want to spicy up an old button down shirt? Get some ribbon or fabric and create a bow/tie around the collar. Makes it a lot more fancy and well put together. 
{Owls VS. Deers}
According to some home style living mags, owls are out and deers are in. So start trading some of your owl decor for some urban indie deer heads. 

{Sneak Around}
Add these adorable Kate Spade- Keds sneakers or Converses to your daily look and you will be convincing everyone everyone around you that you can still look put together, clean and stylish while wearing sneakers.

{Shinning Bright}
This is the season to use two or more bright pop of colors in the same outfit without getting caught in the worst dressed list! Make sure that all the hues compliment each other in some way. Just remember when in doubt don’t wear it and if anything you can always blame Kanye West for dressing you. LOL

{Maxi, Maxi, Maxi}
Maxi skirts are a HUGE trend right now! Undeniably these kind of skirts are just breathtaking. Seriously daydreaming of a beautiful maxi with a vintage graphic tee. 

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