{One piece < 3 different ways}

We often purchase pieces that we wear once and never wear them again. 
While being 22 weeks preggo, I’ve had to get very creative with my wardrobe. I been purchasing specific pieces such as maxi skirts or dresses, shift dresses and, oversize tees. These pieces of clothing just scream out comfortable!!!!! Especially now during my days of growth HA! However, my goal is to re use these pieces multiple times. I’m a big believer of trying to make different outfits with the same pants, skirts, shorts or even dresses! (Call me Mrs. Frugal) 
I purchased these super simple maxi dress at H&M a while back, I’ve styled the same dress in 3 different ways, Check it out! 
1. Wear it as is-simple, with a statement necklace.
2. Put an oversize blouse over it and tie a knot in the front, to make it look more chic/bohemian.
3. Put a jean vest over it with an adorbs statement necklace around the collar. 
Try it and share your photos with us! 
Happy Thursday! 

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