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Some of us gals think because we are young that we have a long way until we need to start taking care of our faces, and that we wont have to deal with those so called “wrinkles” for now. When I was young my mom used to tell me, “It is never too early to care for your skin.” I find that to be a vital truth. The other day I was scrolling through my twitter feed and couldn’t help but to notice the amount of girls sharing that after a long night out, they felt so lazy to remove their make up before bed! We are all very quick to apply nice make up when we leave the house {who doesn’t like those smokey eyes} but we are not that quick and diligent enough to remove it when we get home late. Taking that step is important to good skin care.

More importantly, we have to realize that it’s not simply washing your face, but rather removing the make up properly so no particles stay behind. For that we need to educate ourselves better when it comes to the products we should be using to remove our make up.

The first thing you should be using is make up remover cloths. Whichever brand you prefer is fine, but these are vital and essential in our everyday routine. {I love the Neutrogena ones} these are for everywhere on your face except your eyes!

We then move to our next step, which is removing your eye make up. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and you should not use what you use for the rest of your face. The eyes have a specific make up remover, so use that one. {I also prefer the Neutrogena eye make up remover} 

Next step is to wash your face with the face wash you normally use {Note: wash your face not eyes, sometime these face wash could be so strong they are not made to be put around your eyes} I prefer Origins “checks & balances” I have a mixture of oily and dry skin so this has worked wonders in my face.

We then move to a very important step, which is to use a toner after your wash. Skin toner is used to maintain the proper pH balance of the skin and remove irritants and dead skin cells. Finding a skin toner that is proper for your skin type is key to having healthy skin. {I use Origins, a perfect world toner, it is anti-aging and made with natural ingredients} 

Lastly, we apply our night cream and eye cream. Remember, it is important to understand that what you use for your face you don’t use on your eyes. The sensitivity of the skin around your eyes deserve a whole other product made exclusively for them only.

It may seem like a long process but once you get all the products you need and you line them up in your bathroom, it will only be a matter of a few minutes until you are tucked into bed with flawless skin for years to come. It is worth the process! Let’s take care of our faces ladies! 


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