{Fancy Tip Friday}

 {Cropped Sweaters}
Showing off the mid drift with a shorter cut is the new hottest thing this summer but wait till fall. This trend is staying for a bit longer. 
{Kitten Heels}
So feminine!! Every woman should be able to walk with these shorter heels with no complaints. Perfection! 

{Zephyrhills Sparkling Water + Your Hair}
Besides from keeping yourself hydrated and, enjoying the great taste of Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters. This great tasting water is also amazing for after a dip in the pool or ocean. Give your hair a quick rinse with a bottle of sparkling. The fizziness will gently remove any chlorine or salt buildup.

{Color Crush}
Colorful bags are the way to go, as you get closer to fall, make sure to make a statement 

with a pop of color handbag!

{Leather Up!}
Don’t put your leather pieces away just yet fancy gals! This trent has transcended through the seasons for quite some time! Incorporate it with some summer brights as you transition into fall!

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