{Fancy Tip Friday}

{Layer Up}
Going from beach to the board walk? Add a summer sweater over your bathing suite for a great way to warm up your beachy look. 

{Look at that bootie}
As Fall is slowly approaching yet outside weather is telling us otherwise. Start to incorporate a bootie to your summery outfits for that fall feel.
{Are your lips stained?}
Lip stains are the perfect option for a hot summer day or for a beach party. They are long lasting lipsticks that won’t smudge and no need to re-apply. Perfection made in heaven! 

{Time after Time}
Believe it or not, more than one watch in one arm is a trendy and “in-style” thing to do for this season. Recently, Kourtney Kardahsian Instagram a pic of 3 watches in one arm –check it out

{Emergency Mascara}
Are you the type that notices your mascara is starting to run out or it is starting to get dry-ish, right when you’re doing your make up for a night out? WELL, it has happened to me plenty of times, and we have a little tip for you all! Just put a couple drops of water inside the tube and shake well! It will be immidiatly ready to use, until you go ahead and purchase your new one.

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