{Fancy Tip Friday}


So this sheer trend has been HOT HOT HOT this season. The comfort and easiness is everyone’s favorite. It’s easy on the body, wears well for a casual look or for a fancy night out and it’s perfect for the hot summer days.

{Thigh High Slip}
Just like JLo and Angelina, we now can join the trend and show a little lots of legs with this slit on either a dress or a skirt.
(Pic c/o Asos)

{Leopard Sneakers}
a HUGE trend this season for guys and girls! They look so stylish while staying in comfort. So loving this trend!

{Shape your Eyebrows with Concealer}
Say what? A valuable lesson I learned this past week was, to shape your eyebrows with your concealer. Make the shape you want to achieve with the concealer, then go ahead shape & darkened them with your eyebrow pencil or shadow. You will see your brows completely change!

{Nude is better}
Just recently I decided to try this to gain more coverage for my everyday look, and it is a MUST try. You could barely feel it on your face however, you could totally see more coverage without breaking the wallet. 

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