{Fancy Tip Friday}

{Crochet today!}
We have seen lace make its way through spring & summer for years now but, so has crochet. Have you noticed? The thicker material makes great cover-ups but how hot is this one piece bathing suit found at Robin Piccone?

{Personalized your drinks!}
Everything now a days can be personalized from necklaces to diaper bags including your bar cart. Summer is all about entertaining and dining outside so add a personal touch to your cutesy drinks with these adorbs Nordstrom drinking mason jars!

{Take it off!!!}
How hot do you look underneath your clothe? Let’s take it back to the basics and remember just because people don’t always see it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Looking cute underneath it all is a bare necessity and you may look forward to always bare all.

{Overalls Madness}
So the 90’s are calling and they want their overalls back! This is gonna be a HUGE trend for fall, even though it’s starting now in summer… You will find them casual and dressier. This is a must try!

{Show off Strategically}
Looking truly sexy is knowing what to bear. If you are showing off some leg, then cover up on top. Choose one body part to showcase and one only. We want to look classy yet sexy!

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