{Glimpse of Paradise}

A few weeks back the husband and I went to Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico for a week long getaway. We really needed this vacation and it was one for the books. I have always wanted to explore this location and it was everything I imagined and more… Needless to say, I wish I could go back there every day. We stayed at the Riu Palace Hotel and did as many excursions as possible. From ATV rides to Camel Riding and a unforgettable Sunset Sailing trip. The pictures don’t do justice because this place was truly paradise. I hope the pictures take you on a fun 5 minute vacay ride, and I hope you enjoy it! 
{The hotel & the view from our room}

{The arches}
{Dinner Time}
{Visiting Lovers Beach}
{Camel Ride Excursion}
{Enjoying the hotel}

{Beach Bums}
{Cocktail Time}
{Relaxing at the hotel}
{Celebrating the Mexican Independence Day}
{Strolling the beach}
 {ATV ride + its amazing ocean view}
{Sunset Sailing}

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