{Shabby Chic-Giuliana’s Room}

I am very excited to finally show Giuliana’s (Baby G’s) room. I have put so much work, thought and dedication that I am stoked to show the finished product! Decorating and interior designing has been a secret passion. Growing up my mom was a big inspiration in this dept. She was always re-decorating, revamping and doing a lot of DIY projects. I definitely take after her when it comes to decorating. 

 I was inspired by shabby chic decor and built the theme around that. One thing is for sure, I always knew I wanted a floral chic wallpaper. If we could establish one thing is that, I am definitely not your typical mom. When most moms want a brand new set of furniture, I wanted a specific used one that I could distress and make it look vintage. I found this gorgeous set on craigslist, and had to buy it! With the help of my amazing sister (she def. has experience distressing furniture) we went ahead sanded the furniture down, to achieve the vintage look. Then, we applied a set of oils and sealers to finish the wood. As you could see the furniture came out exactly what I was looking for- a vintage shabby chic look

I then picked the wallpaper from this amazing site Graham Brown and picked the paint from Sherwin Williams (Mint Condition) bought the curtains from Target. The hardest thing was to choose the bedding, I spent a crazy amount of time searching for the right bedding. Came to the realization that the crib is against a floral wall, my bedding choice needed to be simple, plain and classy. So I purchased the bedding from different collections from Pottery Barn (Harper, Ruffle Collection & Harper Gray) as well as the rug. I love mixing pattens, flowers, chevron and stripes. That is why I went with this gingham print rug, I’m kind of been obsessing over this pattern lately. 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put over her crib. However, I knew it needed to be simple so it wouldn’t take away from the wallpaper. I had seen this idea on Pinterest, so I decided to go for it, I purchased the letters and painted them silver with a Martha Stewart metallic paint, then found an old frame in my mom’s garage and put it to good use. The rocking chair was a handy me down, bought a new cushion pillow at TJ.Maxx & 2 decorative pillow’s at Ross. The only thing I splurged in a little is the fashion canvas from Oliver Gal. kinda obsessing over all the fashion canvas they have. I wanted to buy one for each room of my house! I got it through Hautelook.com

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as i did. Leave any comments or questions below. Would love to hear from you! 

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