{Weekend Getaway}

Michael (my hubby), just tuned 32 years young this past weekend and to his surprise I booked us a quick weekend getaway cruise to the Bahamas (our fist time there!). I was a bit skeptical to go away for the weekend with such short notice, but it was the best idea EVER! We had many nap sesh, enjoyed many late night pizza room service and ate ice cream like it was going out of style, rewarding us with a very relaxing weekend (a few extra love pounds).

I’m a very light packer, I took a few outfits, of course my holy grail Lorac Pro To Go Makeup Palette (as mentioned here) and my favorite reversible and perfect for tanning bathing suit from dbrie– have you seen all her amazing pieces? I’ve always loved her collection (I mean, how amazing are these!?) and love these even more.

Contact Danielle today and get yours! I know it seems a bit early to shop for bathing suits, but let’s be real Miami is summer all-year long. While others around the country are going skiing we on this side are going jet-skiing and sand bar hopping #floridiansproblems

{Set Sail}

{First Night- Dinner OOTN}
{Day 2- Coco Cay}

{Exploring Coco Cay}

{Day 3 Nassau- Bahamas. We visited Atlantis}

{Captain’s Dinner}

{Dancing under the stars}

{Dinner on the last night}

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!


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