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Howdy, friends! 
We all have a daily routine, right? Routines at times make us very comfortable, but one should never be afraid to break them. That’s when you make room in life to  find new things. Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need. Change is GOOD and that’s my approach with my daily make-up regimen too.
I start every morning with a blank canvas {no news here, I think we all do} and just change it up a bit by adding a bold lip here, {truth be told, I’m a huge lipstick junkie}, a winged eyeliner there and\or a smokey eye. With that said, there are a few trusty beauty products I don’t change and today, my friends, I will share my Spring  MUST-HAVES with you!  
 {Not only does it smell amazing, but works wonders}
{Leaves your skin so soft and minimizes your pores}
{Adds that natural glow!!}
{Hydrates my lips for long lasting hours}
{The most hydrating eye cream I’ve ever tried}
{Allows you to layer up without looking cakey}
{Bring on the natural tan, BABY!}
{Sky is the limit with this palette}
{The more mascara the better right? This one allows you to thicken and elongate them without leaving them clumpy}
{Add a coat of this for the perfect shape and utlimate brow}
{Your options are endless with this little guy… one word: AH-Mazing!}


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