{a fancy picnic part II}


We have dedicated this week to our first annual fancy affair picnic– We had such  a GREAT TIME and everything came out so cute, we just can’t stop talking about it!

We all remember as a child  how amazing it was to attend a birthday party and get a little goodie bag! The ride home was just as exciting as the ride there. Well, we felt exactly the same way as 20 something yr. olds! ha! 🙂

We were thrilled when all these amazing brands decided to participate into our annual picnic. It made our goodie bag THAT MUCH BETTER!

The fancy gals truly love all the support and goodies from: Hello Apparel, Sugarfina, Ashley Brooke Designs,  Groopdealz, Yourtheorie, Lovestrung, PrettyJewelsShopInpink.



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A Fancy Affair

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