{a fancy picnic}


Rustic picnic table, checkered blanket on the floor, chilled mimosas and flavorful drinks al fresco is exactly what we wanted for our first annual a fancy affair picnic. Ideally, beside a lake for an added  interesting view, which we had.  We wanted this picnic to be a very intimate, relaxing and laid back event with our blogger friends and their loved ones.  I believe that’s exactly what occurred. We popped, fizz, clinked on champagne and ate cupcakes as if it was going out of style and no one was judging.


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IMG_0869 Let’s talk about the food for a second…. Our meal was provided by, none other than “Off The Grill” and OH EM GEE!!! It was delicious. We are huge fans of this restaurant because, not only are they health conscious, but their food is always so flavorful and delish! Which in a way, it almost feels like a sin to eat it because it’s so freakin’ good and you enjoy it so much!  Whether you are eating at the Kendall location or at the comfort of your home, its always a great experience!!

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As Julia Child once said- “A party without cake is just a meeting”. Our picnic was far from that! We had cupcakes and got sugar high on chamomile bread cupcake with lemon frosting, raw honey with lavender frosting and chocolate with chocolate chips and rose frosting… What more could we have asked for? Cake_Mia truly spoiled us! These exotic flavored cupcakes were AH-Mazing and perfectly fitting to our picnic. Too pretty to eat but too good not to. Many of us were guilty for indulging on more than one.

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Fun? We had tons of fun! Playing with all the fun goodies Onli Beverages sent us. From tossing pink balls to flying frisbees, we had a blast! But, what we enjoyed the most was every sip of flavored sparkling water that dripped out of these chic and stylish little bottles. As Onli says, “Life is meant to Sparkle” and we did with these sparkling waters. The flavors were so naturally tasty and refreshin’ on what was a beautiful, hot and sunny Miami day.

IMG_0895 IMG_0908 IMG_0910 10173463_10152090401561089_795891632_n

Our décor was a mixture of Oh Joy by Target meets dainty + fancy garlands and pompoms. We had these beautiful Pompom’s and garland sent to us by our favorite party supplier on Etsy.com- PartyPoms. They have not only the most hip and happening party supplies, but the attention they give to details is beyond what you could ask for.

We wanted our picnic to be a bit of shabby chic, dainty meet spring and that’s exactly what we got. We are so thankful to all the fabulous ladies that joined in on the fun {more to come about each and their blogs later this week} and  most importantly to all the vendors and sponsors that helped us put this day together!

Stay tuned for more posts this week as we continue to break down and share deets. about this event with all of you.

Photography: c/o Daisy Claudio | DazePhotography {The BEST  photographer in town! Check out her website for some mind blowing images!}


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