{fancy tip friday}



{flashy prints}

As expected, floral prints radiate spring. Be creative this season and mix pattern such as striped and /or neon incorporating this spring staple print for an unexpected twist.


{blue crush}

This hue will add a breath of light into your spring wardrobe. Shades like sky blue, periwinkle and placid blue are soft and can be used as your neutral shade. This is the “IT” color for spring and if paired right you can be far from boring.


{eye catching}

Push your spring look even further and add a candy colored sunnies to your ensemble for a fun finish to your look.

imgh {sooo 90’s}

These little numbers have made their appearance this spring. They have been a major hit, having that said, we still don’t know how we feel about them. Once again, we will let YOU be the judge!


{pop of coachella}

Noting says “festival ready” more than a kimono, flower crown and high waisted shorts. Easy & effortless outfit.


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