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 Hello friends!

This is the real deal right here. I once heard a pastor say that behind every man there’s an amazing woman {amen to that! LOL}, but as I am now celebrating my 12 years of total bliss of marriage, I have to say that this goes both ways. Michael’s supportive ways is what keeps me motivated. Some may not know but, having an up-to-date blog takes a lot of time, dedication and definitely has to be something you love doing because it is very time consuming. Fortunately, I have a full time job aside from blogging and Michael runs a 24/7 business, so 12 hour shifts are common for him. Working Saturdays is part of his weekly schedule, leaving only Sundays for church and pleasure. Lucky for me, he’s an amazing photographer and takes most of my blog photos on his ONLY day off. Some Sundays he is tired, but never ceases to amaze me with the energy he puts on our photo shoots. His desire to find cool spots and to try different locations is beyond what I could ask for. So to wrap this all up, Michael is the BOMB.com husband.

Aside from all of this, truth be told, Im EXTREMELY shy. Yet, he makes it so easy for me. The way he makes me feel like 1,000 bucks and encourages me through every shot is what I deliver each week {not so awkward pics}. BUT, in  all of this, week after week as I pose, behind the lens is this OH so hot, sexy, handsome, caring, sweet, amazing man! Geez, how I adore him, his ways and his FASHION. It is always on point! He always looks so good and I truly love it. This week, he allowed me to snap a few pics of him. So here they are…

Hope you enjoyed this post and excuse the cheeziness {#sorrynotsorry}


IMG_5217   IMG_5216


IMG_5207   IMG_5209

IMG_5204  {Shop his look here: Shirt via Express | Jeans via American Eagle | Shoes via Aldo | Watch via Daniel Wellington | Sunnies via RayBan}


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