{a floral frenzy}


OH how I love my city! Nick and I truly enjoy the outdoors, and baby G is no different. This past weekend we decided to stroll around Wynwood. It is such a fun & creative place filled with colorful walls, art pieces and galleries.

The weather was just perfect, not too hot but with lots of wind and enough sunshine! As we have mentioned before, florals and sheer tops are just some of the hottest pieces for this spring and summer.

I am loving this comfortable pull over shirt from Target! It has all the right colors and is perfectly lightweight for the heat in Miami. Sooo, these jeans these are my (before baby) super skinny jeans and I am so happy to be able to fit back into them. Only 5 pounds away from my desired weight and I couldn’t be happier to fit back into my favorite jeans! HA! YEP, I celebrated it!

IMG_1330 IMG_1286 IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1317 IMG_1321 IMG_1305 IMG_1323 IMG_1299 IMG_1293 IMG_1327

Jeans: Zara (loving these) | Top: Target (similar here) | Heels: Zara (loving these) | Bag: Zara (similar here) Necklace: ily couture (loving this one for summer) Cuff: Jcrew (similar here)


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