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Happy Monday, friends. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend.

This spring, I’ve been drawn to punchy bright colors on prints and on its own. So when stumbling upon this shift dress at Nordstrom during a lunch date, it didn’t help my enthusiasm {PS: Why would anyone have the best bread pudding cake at a restaurant inside an amazing store?  That’s just CRUEL!}. So while making my way to the cashier to pay for this beautiful shift dress, I’m trying to justify the buy with crazy and untamable shopaholic thoughts. The sales associate tells me it’s marked down to half the price.  Say whatttt? I thought, shut up sweet thoughts and swiped that card, grabbed my delicious lunch + new dress and shifted out of there. That’s a successful lunch at least to me, not sure if my accountant {the hubby} feels the same lol… But in all realness, the temperature in Miami has turned up and staying cool in easy pieces is a MUST. What are you digging this spring?


Oi meninas! Nessa temporada eu estou amando estampas coloridas. Entao quando eu achei esse vestido charmoso na Nordstrom por metade do preco eu não consegui resistir. Gente, o calor em Miami esta arrazando e pecas fácil e bonitas são um MUST! Qual tendências voces estao amando nessa temporada?

IMG_5175 IMG_5172 IMG_5162 IMG_5160 IMG_5154





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