{fancy tip friday}



{Breast petals}

These little petals are a game changer! So perfect for those sleeveless, flowy and sexy tops you want to wear this summer! Great coverage and very comfortable!


{Tee-shirts & statement necklaces}

Be comfy and trendy on a rainy day. Pair your graphic tees with statement necklaces for a chic touch.

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{ROUND sunnies}

The sunnies of the summer ladies, these are making a statement this season! Grab a pair.


{snake print}

As mentioned on one of this weeks post (here), snake print is the new leopard print. Pair it with everything and make a statement! Dominate your look by adding this edgy print.


{low pony}

The super slick and secured low at the nape of the neck hair style ruled the runway. This look is so simple, easy to achieve, very low maintenance and great for a night out. 


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