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Hello fancy friends and happy Monday!

I recently posted a selfie on my personal instagram with a really knotty hairstyle I’ve been doing lately. It’s so fun, easy to do and intriguing to the eye {looks a lot more complicated than it really is}.

My hair is very thin, but thankfully to biotin the texture has improved. I overdose on biotin on a daily basis and I’ve noticed a major difference in my hair. I wore taped hair extensions for about 2+ years and took them off around the holidays last year to give my hair a break. If you have worn hair extensions before you would sympathize with me- once you take off a full head of extensions, you kind off go into a shock and feel  bare naked, but quickly adapt. So once I took the hair extensions off, I chopped my hair and have been having fun trying different hairstyles in order to avoid wearing my hair the exact same way all season. Summer is all about easy, breeze and beautiful {covergirl commercial voice lol}.

Here’s a quick video tutorial with this how to hairstyle!

For this look you only need a few bobby pins and a bit of hair spray. I love L’Oreal Elnette- It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or crispy. Keep in mind that second day hair is always best for hair styling since it has a bit of the natural hair oil. This hairstyle looks adorable with straight or curly hair, but ideal with beach waves for a more boho chic look.


Ou meninas, se vocês me seguem no meu instagram vocês com certeza já viram aquele estilo de cabelo que eu estou usando ultimalmente. Gente, eu estou adorando esse pentiado porque e tão fácil de fazer e fica uma gracinha. Da um charme legal no seu look. O que você precisa? Uns grampos e spray laqueador pra segurar os cabelinhos de bebê.  Espero que vocês gostem muito e não esqueçam de compartillhar conosco se você fizer este penteado. Beijos!



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