{kimonos & knitted cardis}


Summer is here! The first thing I think about when I hear the word summer is “less clothes”(of course in a classy way). Miami gets so hot and humid that the less clothes you have, the better it is!

Kimonos are the perfect piece to your summer outfit. They could be worn with jeans, heels, flats, shorts, as a cover up to the beach, to sleep, etc!!! 🙂 They are so versatile, could be dressed up or dressed down. I decided to pair mine with some shorts and gladiators for a nice saturday afternoon.

Now, lets talk baby fashion! How perfect are these polka dot jean shorts? TO DIE! Plus, her thighs are just too juicy. I try to keep her dressed in light clothing, such as tank tops, shorts and this adorable knitted cardigan from the gap. This cardigan is actually for 18-24 months! crazy right? Well, I bought it like that on purpose. There’s nothing cuter than oversize cardigan. I keep this in the baby bag, especially if we are going indoors. It’s not too thick or too thin, and could be worn all year long.


Kimonos son la perfect pieza para tu vestuario de verano.  Se pueden poner con jeans, shorts, sandalias, como un “cover up” para la playa, para dormir! Te lo puedes poner como quieras! Lo puedes usar para una tarde casual o una noche mas lujosa.



IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_1834   IMG_1821


IMG_1839 IMG_1843 IMG_1855 IMG_1851 IMG_1848 IMG_1857

My outfit-Kimono & loose top: F21||Shorts: H&M|| Gladiators: Nordstrom||

G’s outfit-Shorts: Target|| Tank: Carters|| Sweater: Baby Gap|| Headband c/o: Littlemissshop

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