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How many of us have these adorable tops or dresses that require NO BRAS!!! Well ladies, this week’s product review will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


We are so excited to review this product! It has been one of our “to try list” for so long now, but finally got around to it! Target Fashion Form- Women’s Breast Petals. These Adhesive breast petals offer a smooth look, with or without a bra. The cost is $6.99 for a pack of 3 pairs. They are great for extra coverage under sheer and form fitting clothing. These are a one time use- must use a new petal for each wear.

IMG_5964 IMG_5977

{Amanda’s Thoughts}

I’ve tried many kinds of these little guys, but this one sure is a keeper. My God, why didn’t I walk by that Target isle before? Geez! Now I’m left with the regrets and thoughts of every time I wore a top and a dress that needed these little suckers. They are a MUST, not a must try it, but a must buy!! #You’rewelcome!!



{Geri’s Thoughts}

These things are life changers! Don’t know why I didn’t try them any sooner! Absolutely loved them, they are soft and gives you full coverage even in a cold room ;). Extremely comfortable to remove, no pain at all. Seriously ladies a MUST try now!

Let us know how you love or hate these…. Stay tune every Tuesday for more product reviews. Have a product you would like us to review? Leave comments below with more info.



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