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Happy hump day Fancy readers,

Back to school is just around the corner… School could sometimes be a drag, but nevertheless it’s ESSENTIAL! I graduated with my B.A. 2 years ago, and yea I took longer than expected (I switched majors several times! yikes!) but, I really loved school. Especially when you enjoy what you are studying. (I majored in Dance). I hope to go back soon for my masters (YOU are never too old to continue learning).

But lets be real for a minute. College is nothing like high school (they have uniforms, your classes are all near by, small campus, etc.) Most university campuses are HUGE!!!! And to get from one class to the other you may need to walk A LOT! Not to mention the parking garages or parking lots where you may end up parking probably 3 blocks away from your school! ūüôā

That’s why comfort is key! Opt for a laid back but stylish look, wear your cute sneakers, slip-ons or flats. Grab a light top (LOTS of walking, lots of heat) and last but not least wear either jeans or decent shorts (first impressions count). I decided to give you a little inspiration of what I would wear for my first day back at school.¬†OH, invest in a stylish¬†and practical backpack to carry all your belongings. Plus, it’s an accessory to your outfit!


El regreso a la escuela est√° a la vuelta de la esquina… La escuela podr√≠a ser a veces un arrastre, pero siempre also esenciales amigas! Yo me gradu√© con mi bachiler hace 2 a√Īos, si me tarde un poco mas de lo normal por que cambia mi carrera tantas veces. Pero lo importante es que ya termine y ahora espeo regresar para mi maestria pronto.

La mayoría de las universidades son enormes! Y para ir de una clase a otra puede que tenga que caminar mucho, Sin mencionar los estacionamientos. Es por eso que cómodidad es la clave! Optar por un look comodo pero a la moda , usa tus lindo sneakers, escoge una blusa ligera, y combinalo con jeans o shorts. Decididi darle un poco de inspiración de lo que me gustaría llevar a mi primer día en la Universidad. OH tambien es imporatnte invertir en un increíble, y práctica mochila para cargar todas sus pertenencias. Además, es un accesorio de tu ropa!

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