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IMG_7215  Blush does wonders for every comple complexion, it brings a healthy glow to your skin. Particularly after applying foundation, adding that color back to the apples of your cheeks and skin is a MUST!

The product for review this week is the NYX Powder Blush in Peach (PB06).  These blushes are my favecheapy” items and sold at Target for $4.99 {That’s a steal all}. I love NYX butter glosses and these blushes. I highly recommend YOU to give them a try!

Promises to be:

  • Highly pigmented, silky powder blush that combines rich color with long-lasting wear
  • Signature quilting assists with smooth transfer and product application
  • Delivers a healthy, natural looking glow to the skin
  • Featured in a signature quilted compact
  • Rich pigmentation provides long-lasting wear
  • Delivers a healthy, radiant natural glow
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      I totally agree with you and the payoff is awesome! Which blush colors do you have and recommend me to try? Have you tried anything else from them, like foundation or concealer? XO, Amanda

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