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Victoria Secret Pink Luminous Body Bronzer

Want that Victoria Secret glow? Than you must try the VS Pink Luminous Body Bronzer! It is totally crush-worthy. Completely irresistible. Leaving your skin irresistible in a hot new scent, this luminous body bronzer nurtures skin with soothing Aloe Vera antioxidants, leaving you lightly scented and glowing with sun-kissed radiance. Valued at $18. or Special 2/$25 or 3/$30 at any Victoria Secret store or on-line.


{Amanda’s Thoughts}

I’ve been addicted to this product for years now and every season I pick up a new bottle for the new lovely scent. I love it so much because not only does it smell AH-mazing, but dries up quickly leaving no residue behind. It’s lightweight, leaving your skin hydrated with that natural goddess glow and doesn’t transfer onto your favorite garment or couch. Have you ever seen that episode with the Real House Wife’s of Beverly Hills, which Adrienne is accused of staining Lisa’s white couches on national television! Oh my, how embarrassing right? Well, this won’t happen to you when you’re using this product. OBV. If you overload on it then it may, but we are too fancy for that! So don’t do it. One layer is just enough to cover a imperfections and add that nice summer glow. It’s a MUST TRY!!!!!


{Geri’s Thoughts}

I am always so scare of looking orange or too tan, I’ve learned to embrace my paleness, but every now and then I LOVEEE to look like I just came back from a cruise. HA! However, its hard to find a good tanning lotion! WELL, ladiesss this cream is LEGIT! Pretty phenomenal, if you ask me. The smell, the texture and, the quality. It just gives you color without breaking your wallet or looking like a carrot! One layer is totally enough and it just gives you the perfect tan & glow for any fancy gal! HIGHLY recommend it!


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