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{Top & Skirt via Topshop via Nordstrom || Sandals via Nordstrom via Steve Madden || Necklace (similar) via Nordstrom || Lipstick- Native via Urban Decay || Bracelet & Ring via Henri Bendel}

Hello to all my ladies with style and grace. This post is for you!!

Today, I celebrate the start of a new decade. I’m turning  30 years young y’all! This age thing is honestly freaking me out, but with that said, I’ve accomplished, learned, lived and seen so much up to now. So in on today’s post, I will share a few pics of the birthday suit I wore to dinner on Saturday night, as well as a 30 things I’m thankful for, and little things I’ve learned along the way in this thing called life… Hope you enjoy! 

    1. God is never early or late, he is always on time
    2. Friends will come and go, but fam is forever
    3. Fam is the most important thing to me!
    4. Fake it till you make it {Seriously, you can do anything!  Push yourself to do the impossible, even if you have to fake it.  Once you’ve made it, you no longer have to fake it, because you’ve learned everything you need to know along the way}
    5. You never know how strong you are until you have been pushed to the limit
    6. Everyone comes in your life for a reason
    7. Don’t judge people unless you’ve walked in their shoes
    8. Everyone is battling something
    9. No matter what you’re going through, everything will be ok.
    10. I’ve learned to let go and let God!
    11. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
    12. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade
    13. Cancer sucks!!
    14. Life is short
    15. Enjoy the now!
    16. Live what you love
    17. Treat others as you would like to be treated
    18. There’s power in prayer! Prayer is the answer to everything
    19. Don’t expect people to be like you
    20. Turn your negatives into your positives
    21. Be yourself and give love!
    22. Put on some red lipstick and live a little
    23. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it
    24. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can get you a nice pair of shoes
    25. You reap what you sow
    26. Don’t take yourself too seriously
    27. Cherish the friends that love you for you, and the ones who make you laugh until you pee… Those are important too.
    28. Don’t marry the person you can live with, marry the one you can’t live without.
    29. Laugh until you cry your mascara off.
    30. Don’t complain about the things you’re not willing to change.

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