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Hey babes!

I try to always embrace and own every stage of my life. Honestly speaking, I think that is a great recipe and advice. That wasn’t the case for me always, but slowly I’ve learned to live by this, which is why I try to apply it to all areas in my life including embracing my mistakes, and at times, my poor judgment… I’m human, people! Don’t judge. Example, embracing the fact that the green color I picked for my nails ended up looking like poop color, thinking that everyone including myself can rock bangs, or opting to wear a certain dress that clearly, after looking back at pictures I just wonder “WTF was I thinking?” and the list can go on forever…  I try to embrace all, including my lighter skin tone during the cooler months.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love to have a nice bronzed goddess healthy glow during the holidays. I’ve had my fair share of home self-tanners as well as many tanning salon adventures and yes, some have worked better than others, but my life has changed since this past Saturday. Not joking! I was invited to attend the Bronze-A-Ton at Spray Nation Tan, located at Miami Beach and to my advantage only a few minutes away from my home. What an amazing experience! It’s my new favorite place. Oh, ps: their products are organic!

During my visit, I was pampered by Mariana McCarthy , the Co-Founder of this magical place. She customized the perfect shade for me and I left felling like a true golden goddess. My skin looked so healthy and flawless (if i could only wake up like that, B!). Mariana and her team will airbrush spray tan you in less than 20 minutes in a warm and cozy room. The staff was so pleasant, friendly and extremely attentive. I left on Saturday already planning my next appointment. I can’t wait to return!

May I add that being tanned can also make you look thinner and magically scare away some cellulite! You must try Spray Nation Tan.

Friends, do you want a healthy glow? Do you want a streak free tan? Do you want to look like a tan goddess? Be in the know, read and follow the tips below for before and after tanning.

Before Tanning

  • Exfoliate well before your session. Getting rid of all the dead cells will allow your tan to be more intense and last longer.
  • Moisturize well a few nights before. This will prevent your skin from looking flaky and dirty looking.
  • Shave all areas needed – I recommend the night before.
  • Remove all your make up, moisturizer, oils and serums from your body prior to getting spray tanned.
  • Get nails and eyebrows taken care of prior to tanning.
  • Wear flip flops and loose and dark clothes.

After Tanning

  • Follow the instructions given to you by your tanning specialist or tanning salon.
  • Moisturize, moiusturize AND moisturize! This will prevent you from looking flaky and dirty looking and will prolong your tan.
  • Do not shower for at least 8 hours, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Enjoy!!

Visit Spray Nation Tan website for more product and prices information.

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