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A Fancy Affair miami fashion blogger amanda tur wearing culottes or cullotes for a perfect summer and spring outfit and a high ponytail in miami florida and schutz cadey lee simple strappy sandals perfect and trending







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{Culottes: Zara (similar) || Top: Zara (similar) || Sandals: Schutz || Bag: Rebecca Minkoff || Sunnies: Ray Ban || Bracelets: Ona Chan Jewelry || Earrings: Kate Spade || Lips: Mac || Highlighter: Becca}

The higher the pony, the closer to heaven!

Hi dolls!

Today’s post is the epitome of spring and summer vibes for me. Simple, easy, laid back, and with a side of my newest obsession- The culottes! I know what most of you are thinking, “Everything is your obsession,” and YAS, you’re right! Nothing excites me more than when I fall in love with a new trend, that at one point I thought “there’s no way I would wear that”! What can I say? I’m easy to please, and like KIM K, she’s hopelessly romantic, I’m hopelessly obsessed. Does that saying even exist? Not sure, but we are going with it!

Culottes are officially the new must-have pants for spring. YAS! This trend can be totally intimidating, but here’s my take on it- If you know how to style a midi skirt, than you know how to rock this trend. In a pinch, they are a lot easier, right?! Personally, I have been dying to wear this trend, but it’s been tricky to find the right pair… And of course, the only one up-to-date that has fit me right are from Zara! I’m sure this comes to no surprise! Sometimes, I feel like I should just work for Zara because I’m always wearing something from there. The thing is that Zara clothes fits me right with little to no alterations needed! Their clothes just fit me well and are proportionate to my body (I am of Spaniard descent {wink, wink}).

Culottes are a trend definitely worth trying out because they can be so easily disregarded due to fear, but once you give them a chance, it can be so refreshing! These mimic the idea that you’re wearing an a-line skirt, but give you the confidence of wearing bermudas.

Here’s an easy tip if you’re trying this trend for the first time: Since the bottom halves are a bit more flared and bigger, try pairing them with something more fitted up top. Either tuck your top in or wear a fitted crop top to prevent you from looking like and oompaloompa. A black option always works great!

What’s the next trend you want to challenge me to wear? Leave your comments below, as I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by and stay chic!

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Photos taken near downtown in Miami, Fl

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