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{Jumpsuit: Zaful || Sunnies: RayBan || Watch: Mulco || Bag: Gucci || Sandals: Schutz || Lipstick: Urban Decay || Monogrammed Bracelet: 9th and Elm}

Hey guys!

 Jumpsuits are such easy pieces to wear on those days you’re longing to step out looking good, yet cannot find the desire within or time to be bothered. Reality is that we all have those days, and for some people, they come more often than for others. I have those days, but I have noticed that if I’m feeling slouchy and dress like that, as the day and/or night progresses, I only feel worse. So a life lesson I’ve quickly learned and my way to deal with these not welcomed feelings is to start off by my makeup. I always add a bright and bold lipstick. Usually, that trick does it for me! It may not do it for you; maybe giving yourself a nice blow out or voluminous curls will do it. Regardless what trick it is, identify them and cultivate on it, because trust me, you will feel so much better. It does the body, mind, and self-esteem good! I am a true believer that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed and especially on those days. If your attitude and your overall persona is feeling a little down, don’t feed in to it. And one piece wonders like a jumpsuit are the perfect way to kick away those unwanted slouchy desires and say goodbye to those feelings! They are fuss-free and easy to wear. They can easily take you from day to date! Here are ways to wear these magical grown up onesies (here, here and here).

Thank you all so much for stopping by and for following along! Your love, support and sweet comments are what keep me going and wanting to share more!

Stay chic!

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Stay chic!

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